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60% of users leave the website, if online consultant does not answer within 5 seconds.

Chatbots give immediate answers, work 24/7, never get sick and tired. Stop losing your customers.

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Do you lose customers just because you have no time to reply at all requests at the moment? Create Chatbot, which will answer to the similar questions fast and without mistakes. Get more customers, get more income.

Would you like to save up to 30% of leads at night time and on weekends? Chatbots work 24/7, without a break and days off. Be always online, boost your speed of reaction and enhance your sales.

You can not afford hiring new employees, because you have been already spending a lot of money on answering common questions. Chatbots will do 80% of the job for you. Save 30% of cost on customer support.

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Case studies

How we helped a major online retailer take 2.7 times more orders and increase profits

How many call center managers can an online store allocate to confirm and process orders? And will they be able to respond instantly, so customers don’t have to wait on the line? Even if there are almost no problems with this, this will not be enough after a successful advertising campaign, when orders become much larger than usual. We will tell you how to cope with this using the example of one of our clients.

How Chatbots Help Online Marketing Agencies

Online chat on the site makes it possible to contact the company in writing, which many people like. But in order for the chat to bring customers, a special employee must be responsible for it, and this is an additional cost. Does this investment pay off for marketing agencies and can you cut costs? We will use the example of one of our clients.

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